Cosmetic Dental Procedures in Columbus, New Jersey

Show off a confident smile when you rely on Columbus Dental Arts located in Columbus, New Jersey, for cosmetic dental procedures. From teeth whitening to tooth bridges, our dentist offers a wide array of dental services to give you the picture-perfect smile you have always wanted.

Show off Your Pearly Whites - Professional Bleaching

Say good-bye to discolored or stained teeth when you come to our office for teeth whitening. We will custom make bleaching trays and supply you with bleaching material and instructions on how to bleach at home. This treatment brightens teeth that have been discolored from foods or aging. It is completely safe and does not damage tooth structure.

Restore Your Smile - Crowns and Veneers

There are various cosmetic dental procedures to restore your smile, such as porcelain veneers (laminates) and crowns. Veneers are a more conservative procedure, allowing the dentist to alter the position, shape, size, or color of a tooth without removing a lot of tooth structure. Veneers are a remarkable way to restore your smile to its fullest.

Crowns (caps) are typically used to protect the remaining structure of your tooth. They've also been used to improve the appearance of teeth.


Replacing Missing Teeth

Fixed bridges and restorative dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. Simply put, a bridge consists of a multiple crowns (caps) that are soldered together to replace missing teeth. Bridges are cemented to the teeth adjacent to the space. Effectively replacing a missing tooth prevents your teeth from shifting and restores proper chewing.

See our separate tab for additional information about implants.


Additional Dental Services

• Natural Looking Tooth-Colored Bonded Fillings (Composite Resin)

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