Endodontics in Columbus, NJ


Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth. This treatment involves removing the damaged area of the tooth and the dying nerve (pulp). Once removed, the canals inside the tooth are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sealed with a sterile material.

Common causes affecting the pulp are a cracked tooth, a deep cavity, or trauma. Once the nerve is dying, an infection results which often causes discomfort. Endodontic treatment is an essential part of saving your existing teeth and maintaining your overall oral health

What to Expect During a Root Canal

• X-ray – to determine the extent of tooth damage and infection

• Anesthesia – local anesthesia is administered to the affected tooth. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is no more painful than a filling.

Alternatives to root canal treatment include extracting the damaged tooth and replacing it with a dental implant, bridge or removable denture.
Tooth X-ray - Columbus, NJ
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