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Q: At what age do you recommend a child's first visit to the dentist?
A: Unless there is a problem noted by the parents or pediatrician, we generally start seeing patients by 3 years of age.
Q: Should I receive a fluoride treatment?
A: Fluoride benefits both children and adults. It is a naturally-occurring mineral that helps prevent decay by strengthening the enamel of the tooth.

Fluoride absorbed internally through foods, beverages and dietary supplements make enamel stronger as the tooth is forming. This is "systemic" fluoride. This type is most beneficial in children. The fluoride absorbed will then be present in the saliva and constantly bathe the teeth to strengthen weakened enamel.

After the teeth have erupted, fluoride helps to repair enamel if it starts to break down. Fluoride in toothpaste, dental rinses and professional fluoride treatments in the dental office provide direct surface contact with the tooth. This is called "topical" fluoride and patients of all ages greatly benefit from this treatment.

When considering a fluoride table supplement, first contact your water company to see if fluoride is already present in the water. Then discuss with Dr. Maiorino or your physician to decide if additional fluoride is needed.

Q: Does our office offer implants?
A: Yes, our office restores the implant. The surgical placement of the implant is completed with an oral surgeon or periodontist. Dr. Maiorino works with the specialist during the implant process to ensure the placement and resulting restoration will not only be functional but look great!

Q: Are there payment options available?
A: Our office provides a number of financial options for treatment.

Q: How does bleaching work and will it hurt my teeth?
A: Bleaching does not harm your tooth. The bleach is slowly absorbed into the enamel over a two-week period. A custom-made tray is worn twice a day for one hour each time. The most common side-effect of bleaching is tooth sensitivity (mostly to cold). This is temporary and will subside when bleaching is completed. Bleaching will only lighten natural tooth and will not work on crowns (caps) or bonded fillings.

Q: How long does it take to get a new denture?
A : Generally, new dentures can be made in about 6-8 weeks.
Q: Are dental sealants safe?

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Q: When do permanent teeth starts to appear?
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Q: How much radiation exposure is there in a dental x-ray?
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