Is It Normal to Feel Pain After a Root Canal?

December 1, 2022

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person with toothache after root canal holding cheek

Root canal therapy has a bad reputation due to misinformation. Many people are under the impression that this procedure is incredibly painful and unpleasant to undergo. Fortunately, getting a root canal isn’t nearly as bad as you may think. You shouldn’t experience much discomfort during the procedure, but what if you feel pain after it? Keep reading to learn more about root canal therapy as well as some reasons why you may experience pain after treatment.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

Root canal therapy is a treatment performed on teeth that are infected. It is the only way to repair the tooth and save it from extraction. Before beginning the procedure, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. This will ensure that you remain comfortable throughout treatment.

Once the area has been thoroughly numbed, your dentist will create a small hole in the infected tooth so they can remove the pulp. Since the pulp contains the nerves of the tooth, this should get rid of any pain you’re feeling. Finally, your dentist will clean the tooth before filling it with a biocompatible material and sealing it off with a dental crown or filling. It’s normal to experience some pain while healing, but it shouldn’t be too severe.

What Does Root Canal Therapy Recovery Look Like?

After undergoing root canal therapy, there are three stages of recovery. These include:

  • Initial sensitivity – Expect to experience some sensitivity and soreness while your mouth heals. Be sure to closely follow your dentist’s instructions. This will help you manage the discomfort. Over-the-counter pain medicine can also be taken to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Additionally, eat soft foods and avoid irritating the tooth or biting down too hard.
  • Intermediate recovery – If your dentist places a temporary crown or dental filling on the tooth to seal it off, avoid chewing on that side of the mouth until they place a permanent one. You can expect the swelling to go down after a few days, but contact your dentist if it continues past that point.
  • Permanent restoration – Soon after getting a root canal, your dentist will have you come back to their office so they can place a permanent restoration. This will help protect the tooth and will also aid it in regaining its full strength and function.

Though you expect to experience some discomfort as your mouth heals, be sure to contact your dentist if it’s severe. reach out if there is any abnormal swelling or other issues so they can administer prompt treatment and your smile will heal properly.

About the Practice

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